Feb 19th: Under 50 Picks


This weeks under 50 picks are going to be a lil’ different…I’ve been super into home decor recently so all of these picks will be home decor related!! Don’t worry, next week we will get back to our regularly scheduled fashion under 50 picks. But I do hope you enjoy these home decor picks! Also…over half of these picks are on sale!! So grab your wallet and get ready for some amazing savings!

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Feb 5th: Under 50 Picks

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First off I just want to say I’m so sorry for missing last week’s under 50 picks post! I was home for my sisters 21st birthday and then when I came back to LA Sunday night, I didn’t have time to write the post. But have no fear! The under 50 picks post is back and better than ever! (Well I’m not sure about the better than ever part…but it’s definitely back). This week’s picks are full of fun accessories, cute mules, and (as always) oversized sweaters. Enjoy!!

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Jan 8th: Under 50 Picks

Jan 8th: Under 50 Picks

Welcome to my first ever “Under 50 Picks” blog post! I’m really excited to start this new series! Each under 50 post will go live every Monday and it will be a collection of my favorite fashion pieces for that week (under $50)! This idea came from Teggy French…she’s one of my favorite fashion bloggers! She does Under 100 picks every week but I wanted to keep it super affordable…that’s why my picks are under $50! I’m so excited to start and I hope you enjoy this new series!

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