March 12th: Under 50 Picks

Under 50 Picks

I’ve come to the conclusion that even though it’s not technically Spring yet and even though it doesn’t really feel warm out (yet), I still want to wear Spring clothes. I just want to throw on some cute jean shorts and a long sleeve blouse, or rock a floral print dress. Who’s with me?! So since I’m in a Spring timey mood, all of these under 50 picks will reflect that. Grab a tropical cocktail (not sure where you might grab one…unless your on vacay…but maybe you can make one) and let’s browse some affordable Spring outfit ideas!

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Feb 26th: Under 50 Picks

Under 50 Picks

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My boyfriend was out of town at a bachelor party so I spent my weekend cleaning, watching the olympics and selling some old clothes/accessories on eBay. I’ve decided that for this weeks under 50 post, we’re going to forget about chunky, dark, Winter clothes and instead focus on bright, happy Spring clothes! All of the picks in this post will 100% spice up your Spring wardrobe game and I’m actually really excited. I love all the pastel colors and lighter weight clothing that you can wear during the Spring! So without further ado, let’s spring into the post (that was a rough one, I know). Also, do you think I used the word Spring enough in this opening paragraph? (hint-I used it 5 times…)

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Feb 19th: Under 50 Picks


This weeks under 50 picks are going to be a lil’ different…I’ve been super into home decor recently so all of these picks will be home decor related!! Don’t worry, next week we will get back to our regularly scheduled fashion under 50 picks. But I do hope you enjoy these home decor picks! Also…over half of these picks are on sale!! So grab your wallet and get ready for some amazing savings!

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Feb 5th: Under 50 Picks

Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.51.02

First off I just want to say I’m so sorry for missing last week’s under 50 picks post! I was home for my sisters 21st birthday and then when I came back to LA Sunday night, I didn’t have time to write the post. But have no fear! The under 50 picks post is back and better than ever! (Well I’m not sure about the better than ever part…but it’s definitely back). This week’s picks are full of fun accessories, cute mules, and (as always) oversized sweaters. Enjoy!!

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