DIY Christmas Cards


If you want to impress your friends and family this Christmas season, all you have to do is make a DIY Christmas card. Everyone loves Christmas cards…but homemade ones are the best of the best. If anyone ever gave me a homemade card I would probably tear up… So this Christmas season, spend an extra 15 minutes creating a DIY Christmas card. And I promise you, whoever you give it too will love it 10x more. I found a bunch of really fun cards online…but I didn’t have time to make like 6 different kinds (sorry guys!!). So I thought I would just link each DIY card to the person’s blog/website who came up with the idea! Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the instruction page! Now…grab your scissors and glue and let’s get to crafting!

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Holiday Home Tour


I’m an extremely nosy person…hate to admit that…but I am. I love knowing what people are up to, what the inside of their houses look like and exactly how they decorate their space. So I thought I would share with you guys how I decorated my home for Christmas this year! I live in a two bedroom apartment so I don’t have too much space to decorate (which is either a blessing or a curse…I haven’t decided yet). I went around and took a bunch of pictures of the main living space…hopefully these pictures put you in the Christmas spirit and maybe give you some ideas for next year! (Or this year if you’re still decorating). FYI this is going to basically be like a picture book…so let your inner kid rejoice. I will also be sure to link everything (that’s still available). Enjoy the tour!

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Favorite Holiday Candles

Favorite Holiday Candles

One of the reasons I love Christmas so much is because of all the amazing candle scents that I can burn during this time. There is nothing better than turning off all the lights (except for the tree lights), reading a book, and burning a holiday candle. Currently, I have 10 holiday candles placed throughout my apartment…too much? Definitely not. I actually want to get a few more. If you’re looking to purchase a holiday candle or two (or seven) you’ve come to the right place! Below, I’ve listed my top 10 faves that you just have to try! If you want to be taken directly to each candles webpage, just click on the name.

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