DIY Christmas Sugar Scrubs


Sugar scrubs make a really great, cute Christmas gift. They’re usually really easy to make and you can put them in festive jars for gifting. Sugar scrubs are great for this time of year because they exfoliate your skin and leave it nice and moisturized. And who doesn’t need that during these dry winter months?! Add on top of that, they’re Christmas scented…so you’re sure to have a winning gift! If you don’t want to give these scrubs away, just keep them for yourself cause who doesn’t need a little pampering this time of year!

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Top 10 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Holiday beauty gift sets are some of the best things to get (and/or give) for Christmas. I personally, love receiving them because they usually come in super cute packaging with a bunch of goodies inside and how awesome is that?! And if you’re buying them for someone it’s a great value! (You’ll pay like $45 for something that would originally have cost you $75). I have combed through the Sephora and Ulta websites and picked 10 of the best holiday beauty gift sets that I think are super fun, cute, and special. Buy one of these for your mom or sister or yourself…because you deserve it!

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