Top 10 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Holiday beauty gift sets are some of the best things to get (and/or give) for Christmas. I personally, love receiving them because they usually come in super cute packaging with a bunch of goodies inside and how awesome is that?! And if you’re buying them for someone it’s a great value! (You’ll pay like $45 for something that would originally have cost you $75). I have combed through the Sephora and Ulta websites and picked 10 of the best holiday beauty gift sets that I think are super fun, cute, and special. Buy one of these for your mom or sister or yourself…because you deserve it!

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5 Makeup Brush Hacks Every Beauty Lover Should Know

5 Makeup Brush Hacks Every Beauty Lover Should Know

Did you know…that makeup brushes…don’t only have to be used…just for putting on makeup…? Well I used to not know that! I thought they only had one purpose and that purpose was to make your makeup look #flawless. But…ever since I started really getting into makeup, maybe about 4 years ago, I have come across other ways to use makeup brushes! Now, I didn’t invent these hacks, but I do want to share them with you guys because I think they’re pretty awesome. I hope you enjoy reading this post! But once you’re done…you’ll never look at those makeup brushes the same ever again…

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Sephora Hits and Misses: Highlighter Edition


Welcome to my new series…Sephora hits and misses! Each time I post about Sephora hits and misses I will focus on a specific category, so for example this first post is the highlighter edition and maybe next post will be the foundation edition. Get it?! I hope you find these posts helpful because I know when I walk into Sephora, I get so overwhelmed with all the different choices they have. Everything in the store looks like it would be amazing…unfortunately looks are sometimes deceiving (looking at you Sephora PRO highlighter palette). Hopefully this post helps narrow things down for you! I for one, don’t want to spend over $30 on a highlighter that’s going to make me either 1) look like a greasy hot dog or 2) look like I have no highlighter on because there’s no color payoff. I did a bunch of research and read tons of reviews to make this post as accurate and helpful as possible! Happy highlighter hunting!

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50 Best Makeup Products Under $15

50 Best Makeup Products Under $15

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I don’t know bout you, but I love splurging on luxury makeup products every now and then. YSL foundation, Bobbi Brown lipsticks, Marc Jacobs eye shadows…but that’s the thing…I’m splurging on those products. I love you Sephora…so much…but sometimes I have to save a little money. Most people can’t afford to purchase high end makeup products all the time (including yours truly). Thankfully, there are many great products out there that won’t break the bank. I have discovered my favorites along the way and I also have watched some of the best YouTubers to see what their tried and true favorite “drugstore” makeup products are. So with this knowledge, I have compiled a list of 50 of the best makeup products to buy on a budget (and they’re all under $15 dollars!!!). I broke it down into categories and also provided links to each product. I hope you find this list useful! Continue reading “50 Best Makeup Products Under $15”

3 Easy Ways to Use Castor Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Castor-Oil smaller

Ah castor oil. Everyone says you’re so good for us and we should be using you more often. But how? In what way? Why are you good for us? In this post I want to talk about the benefits of castor oil and 3 easy ways you can use it in your beauty routine. First, I want to point out that if you use castor oil in your routine, make sure it is 100% pure cold-pressed hexane free organic castor oil. Click on this one here, it’s a great one to buy…


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Nightly Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine blog pic 3 8:28

I recently started a YouTube channel and a few people have left comments telling me my skin looks really nice and asking me what my skincare routine is. Well I’m here today to give you the low down. First, can I just say that this picture angle makes it look like these skincare products bout to drop the most fire album of 2017. (reminds me of the pigeon one) UiEBatx

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Favorite Products from Lush Cosmetics

Favorite Products from Lush Cosmetics

A rush of adrenaline, the smell of flowers, candy, and herbs…a single bead of sweat drops down my brow. I have entered into the mecca…into the promised land of bath bombs, lip scrubs, face masks, and bath oils. It’s go time. It’s Lush.

After reading that you might be tempted to click off of my blog because I admit I’m pretty weird…but no please stay! I want to tell you about my all time favorite Lush products! All of them are pictured up above (except for one bath bomb that’s missing…I couldn’t help myself and used it for a bath I took last night…whoops). Pictured, are two bath bombs, one bath oil, a lip scrub, and a face mask. Without further ado lets jump right into these products.  Continue reading “Favorite Products from Lush Cosmetics”